UPnP fails because of Double NAT

I’ve been dealing with Double NAT over the past few months. I’m well aware that my initial configuration will cause this issue since both the gateway and the router are acting as routers. Having it this way would cause problems for certain services that require an open port, or if you play games like me, your NAT type will show up as Moderate or Strict.

What stopped me from fixing this for such a long time was because of the admin privileges of my gateway. My ISP locked down access to configurations aside from Wi-Fi settings, so I couldn’t set…

Windows 10 on a MacBook | Credit: Anthony Boyd

Hello! I guess this is my last resort. Unfortunately, I can’t get SASM to work natively on macOS Catalina for my computer architecture course. At this point, I can either work on Windows 10 or Ubuntu (or whatever Linux distro you can think of). As per the title, we’ll be installing Windows 10. There are a lot of ways to do this but this method provides more control over the installation process.

My method addresses the issue on storage. Most entry-level Macs only have 128GB of storage. And if you’re human, 70% of that is already filled with files. …

Eugenio Pastoral

I’m currently taking my degree on Computer Science with specialization in Network Engineering. I’m also a freelance photographer and designer.

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